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A figure labeled "Generation Failures by Fules Type During Five Extreme Winter Storms" showing that gas plants accounted for most of the failed capacity in five recent extreme winter weather events.

Gas Malfunction

The United States is overly reliant on gas plants—and extreme weather is causing them to fail at alarming rates.
Three panelists lined up at SACNAS.

UCS JEDI Report 2023

This document summarizes the past year of efforts by staff and board members to transform UCS into an anti-racist organization.


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This is Science with Jess Phoenix Episode 20: Near The Water

Near The Water

Dr. Karletta Chief talks with Jess about the unique scientific problems facing indigenous communities in the US.
This is Science with Jess Phoenix Episode 19: The State of the Science

The State of the Science

Dr. Mindy Romero, founder of the Center for Inclusive Democracy at the University of Southern California, talks with Jess about election science.
This is Science with Jess Phoenix Episode 17: Look for the Helpers - Part 2

Look For The Helpers – Part 2

In the second part of this special Clean Transportation mini-series Jess visits the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project to talk with co-founder and co-director Ms. Margaret Gordon.

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